PAWS Pet Therapy - "Angel"

Therapy team: Mary Linda Huggins and Ch. HMS Evangeline "Angel"

Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Age: 8

Therapy Certification: TDI

Became a Therapy Dog: 2009

About Angel:

I had been interested in getting a Cavalier for a few years, in part because I thought the breed would make a good therapy dog. I researched rescues, but there weren't many Cavaliers available. I finally contacted a breeder to put feelers out for a dog that was needing to be re-homed. My timing must have been good, because the breeder had a retired show dog who was unable to conceive and had been spayed. We agreed it would be good for Angel to have an activity rather than be retired so young. That's how Angel came to me about 3 years ago. I don't think she has taken her eyes off of me since! I guess her show career taught her to focus on her handler, so she is very focused on people. Angel has the best disposition, but I often say her name is misleading...she can easily get into mischief! She is quite active and will run though my Labrador's legs to get to a tennis ball.

Places we visit: The Oaks Nursing Home, PAWS 4 Reading at Ouachita Parish Public Library (Monroe and West Monroe)

Angel's favorite visits: So far, I think Angel prefers children...they can get down on her level. We're still trying out new places to visit!

PAWS Therapy Teams

All of our PAWS Therapy teams consist of local volunteers and their personal pets. All animals have undergone strict personality screening, obedience training, and are certified by Therapy Dogs International or Delta Society. To become a PAWS Therapy team, it is a requirement your animal be certified by one of the national pet therapy organizations. Contact us today! We'll help you get certified so you can brighten lives with your companion animal.