PAWS Pet Therapy - "Jack"

Owner/Handler: Sandra Lunte

Therapy Team: Sandra Lunte and Jack, CGC, TDI

Breed: Spaniel Mix

Therapy Certification: TDI

Passed his TDI test in March 2011

About Jack: I found Jack abandoned by the dumpsters on my street. I knew the minute I saw him that we were supposed to be together. Sadly, he was scared and had most-likely been abused. We brought him home to join our other rescue dog, little Colby Lou, and it was love at first sight for them as well. Soon he learned that his new home was a good place, and after giving him lots of healthy food, exercise, dog classes, and especially love, he came out of his shell and flourished. Jack is loving, patient, athletic, and just generally amazing. He was made to be a therapy dog. He loves playing with his sister, swimming, and especially playing catch with his soft frisbee.

Places we visit: Ouachita Parish Library for PAWS for Reading, Sibley Med Camps, nursing homes, schools, Laughter Club, and anywhere people need us

Jack loves absolutely everyone, but is especially joyful around children.

PAWS Therapy Teams

All of our PAWS Therapy teams consist of local volunteers and their personal pets. All animals have undergone strict personality screening, obedience training, and are certified by Therapy Dogs International or Delta Society. To become a PAWS Therapy team, it is a requirement your animal be certified by one of the national pet therapy organizations. Contact us today! We'll help you get certified so you can brighten lives with your companion animal.